XLR8, XL8 en España (leído como "acelerate" de la expresión "ex-el-er-eit") es un Kineceleran del planeta Kinet. Kinet es un mundo eléctricamente cargado, donde las tormentas eléctricas mueven en órbita alrededor rápidamente del sol y se acelera todo. En Kinet, los días se convierten en minutos y un curso de la vida sucede en poco más que algunas semanas. Con toda la aceleración, el ambiente está cambiando constantemente, y la sociedad de Kinetan se está adaptando constantemente a él.
Tiene reflejos ultrarápidos
Es capaz de la velocidad increíble (hasta 800 km/h)
Puede manipular la fricción
Es capaz de correr en casi cualquier superficie incluyendo agua, incluso inclinados
Puede crear tornados localizados funcionando alrededor en un círculo
Posee garras en las manos, que él puede utilizar para cortar a través objetos cuando está combinado con su velocidad.
Debido a que es muy rápido, detiene el tiempo, por poco tiempo.
Los ataques magnéticos causan debilidad en su sistema nervioso.
XLR8 no puede correr sobre hielo ni barro.
Nota:se cree que es la especie más veloz.
XLR8 (voiced by Jim Ward) is a Kineceleran (a portmanteau of the words 'kinetic' and 'accelerate') from the hyper-accelerated planet Kinet (the first part of kinetic, which is movement energy). Ben first transformed into XLR8 in "And Then There Were 10" when he decided to play around a bit with his newfound power, using the form to get revenge on some bullies that he fought with earlier in the episode.
XLR8 resembles a semi-armored velociraptor, the base creature for the form's design. XLR8 has wheel-shaped feet and wears a helmet with a windshield, which is part of his alien biology, leaving the features of his head unknown. Ben 10,000's XLR8 also has a scanner built into the helmet, the product of nanotechnology Ben 10,000 uses to enhance his aliens. The Bandai profile for XLR8 describes the actual species much differently. The profile states that Kinecelerans are vaguely elfin in appearance, with long hair, blue skin, pointed ears, large tails, and oversized feet,. The Bandai profiles also create another contrast: actual Kinecelerans are said to be incapable of running on slippery surfaces. Furthermore, because of their constant motion, Kinecelerans build up large stores of static electricity, which reacts badly with water. XLR8 has never had either of these problems.
XLR8 can manipulate friction to reach speeds of 300 mph in an instant, and the same power allows him to climb up walls and run on water with relative ease. Using his speed, XLR8 can perform a number of unique feats. He can create tornadoes through centrifugal force, either through running in a small circle or spinning, and can deliver speed-enhanced attacks in rapid succession. Amazing reflexes accompany this speed, allowing XLR8 to quickly dodge attacks with relative ease. His scissor-like claws can also cut through objects. XLR8's weakness is his lack of physical strength, which is about on par with a normal human, although his speed tends to make up for it. Magnets and charged pulses are said to be a problem, apparently disorienting Kinecelerans to the point that they cannot balance properly, but the series has never addressed this weakness.